Welcome to the Phoenix Gaming Club!

Ex Incendia Aveho Igna

The Phoenix Gaming club has been around now for just over 15 years.

Since the 30th of April 2008 we have been meeting at the Rushden Scout Headquarters, located behind Orbit Tyres just off Skinners Hill Rushden.

Meetings are on a Tuesday evening, and start at 7:00pm and run through to 11:00pm.

Club membership costs £5 a year, for that you not only get a lower weekly subs rate, but also Osborne’s Toys and Games in Rushden High Street offer a 10% discount to club members on Games Workshop and Flames of War products on production of a membership card.

If you want to take the club for a spin before joining, your first night of gaming is free!

Weekly subs are £2.50 for members, £3.50 for non-members.
Full members who are 18 or under, state statutory pension age (currently 65) or unemployed (working less than 16 hours a week)get a further discount of £1, meaning a nights gaming is only £1.50!
Remember, you only pay if you play.

All terrain is provided and covers a variety of periods, genres and geography.

We play a range of war games, including 40K and Warhammer, Warhammer Ancient Battles, Flames of War and a lot more besides. We also have a sizeable roleplaying group currently working it’s way through the Red Hand of Doom D&D campaign.

Join us on the Forum to arrange a game, discuss the latest wargames news, show off your minis or just have a natter.

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