This section is for general notices from the club and it’s members. If you have an announcement to make to the club then this is the place to do it.

As we now have our own forum, general chat and similar messages should directed there rather than to the notice board to avoid genuine notices becoming lost in the volume of posts.

Please remember that this area will be cleared down from time to time to stop it becoming to cluttered with messages. If there is anything you have posted here that you think should be retained, or moved to a section of it’s own please get in contact with me.


5 Responses to Noticeboard

  1. melvazord says:

    28mm Bolt Action Tournament-31st august 2013

    The second Bolt Action tournament of the year is currently open for sign up. Please go to the forum thread here to sign up:

    We look forward to seeing you there!


  2. Hi, is this club still running and on which evening please

  3. W says:

    I registered to join the forum, just awaiting admin approval.

  4. mark turner says:

    Hi guys are you still running? Looking for a suitable club for my 12 year old son to join and play! I will always be accompanying him, I’m an ex gamer just getting back into it

    • frozennova says:

      Yes we’re still running. This site is really just so basic club details, when and where we meet are available. All the activity is on the forum.

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