Warlord’s Visit

September 24, 2009

It has been much to long since this has been updated.  I’ll have to try and do better from now on.

On Tuesday we had some of the guys from Warlord Games down at the club, they’d brought along the new Black Powder rules, which are now at the printers and hopefully will be available to buy shortly, along with a whole bunch of their plastic ECW figures.

I can’t thank them enough for coming down, giving us a quick run through of the rules and then running a demo game for a large number of the members.  (If anyone has any pictures of that game can I have a copy to post up here)

They also brought along a whole bunch of their boxed sets. I went away with two regiments of Scots Covenanters and a Saker, which I’m going to have to get painted up soon, and I’m sure there were others who picked up some goodies to take home.

This years Gamesday game also got a try out, Space Marines and Eldar vs Orks and Chaos Marines, looks like a really good game and hopefully it will go as well on Sunday as it did at the club.