Games on the 19th March

Wednesday the 19th saw the unveiling of the snow boards for the FoW game for Kelmarsh, plus a photo shoot opportunity for some very photogenic German Panzer Lehr, and some slightly more camera shy Russian infantry.

We also had plenty of other action taking place, ranging from the Warhammer world to 1600’s England and on to Normandy in 1944.

Kelmarsh FoW Germans

German Panzer Lehr units wait for the order to advance.

Kelmarsh FoW Russians

Russian Strelkovy and Mortar’s attempt to dig in.


We also had some british units making their club debut.

MarchUndead vs Beasts

Here Warren’s Undead host clashes with the Paul’s Chaos horde.

March Orcs

Jon’s Orcs ready themselves for battle.

March ECW

15mm English Civil War Royalist units advance.


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