Gamesday 2007

For the third straight year the club attended Games Day, running a participation table.

This year the game we were running was a Dark Angels assault on a Chaos space station in wild space. Lead by Belial himself the Dark Angels were attempting a lightning raid in order to capture several fallen whose presence had been traced to the station. The Dark Angels had to fight their way across the station, facing both Chaos Marines and the human station security in order to reach the Fallen.

Space Station
(The Station)

The Dark Angels capture force consisted of three full tactical squads with flamers, each lead by a veteran sergeant, plus two 5 man Terminator squads one lead by Belial and the other by a chaplain.

Dark Angels Force
(Dark Angels Preparing to board the station)

Chaplain and Terminator Squad
(Dark Angels Chaplain leads the terminators into battle)

The station defence force was made up of four 10 man station security squads (essentially cultists), plus three small units of Chaos Marines, all led by a Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch and his bodyguard of Chosen.

Chaos Sorcerer and Fallen
(Chaos Sorcerer and Fallen)

The Chosen
(The Chosen)

We had time to run the game through four times during the day, and so plenty of people got the opportunity to either hunt down the traitorous Fallen, or to fiercely defend their station against the lapdogs of the weakling Imperium of Man.

Darrell overseas the boarding action
(Darrell oversees the boarding action)

Everyone who played the game enjoyed themselves, and all four games were close run affairs, with the game hanging in the balance in each of the final turns. The final score as it were was a 2 all draw between Chaos and the Dark Angels.

Liam marshals the chaos forces
(Liam marshals the chaos forces)

The Highlights of the various games were Belial personally capturing all five of the Fallen in a single assault phase, the Sorcerer and the Chaplain both killing the other in assault as the Terminators closed in on the Fallen, one of the security squads cutting down three Terminators in a hail of las fire, and the Sorcerer turning first captain Belial into a Chaos Spawn in the final game, the transformed first captain then being cut down by his own horrified unit.

As ever there was a lot else to look at.Talisman was on sale, resulting in me, David and Darrell disappearing from our table before the doors opened in order to start off the queue at the Black Industries stand, in order to get the first three boxes on sale. In all out of the six of us we took away 5 copies of the game.

There were also previews available of the latest Warhammer and 40K based computer games, the expansion to Mark of Chaos looked very cool, as did Squad Commander.

Black Industries were also running preview games of the forthcoming 40K roleplay game, I got a chance to have a quick read through some of the rules. The system basically allows procession through a series of career paths from Scribe to Adeptus Arbites, and a lot more besides. I didn’t get a chance to play, but from what I saw the system looks good.

In terms of participation games the one that stands out most in my memory (other than our own game of course) was the scratch build Ork Gargant which was absolutely huge.

Ork Gargant
(Scratch built Ork Gargant)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank David and Nathan for making the station terrain, and also Darrell, Liam and Paul for supplying the figures used for both sides. Also further thanks to Paul for taking the pictures for the site.


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